schedule of Events

9 - 9:45 a.M. - Registration

10 - 10:45 a.M. - Keynote by Chris Clyde, Associate Director, Camp Nuhop

11 A.M. - 12 p.M. Breakout Sessions (6 Choices - See Below)

12:15 - 1:30 p.M. Walking Lunch with Exhibitors (Indoor & Outdoor)

12:45 p.M. -1:30 p.M. Bonus Activity: Get Your Second Wind (Participation Optional)

1:45 - 2:45 p.M. Breakout Sessions (5 Choices - See Below)

3 - 4 p.M. Breakout Sessions (5 Choices - See Below)



Come Be A Mover And A Shaker

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Chris Clyde
Associate Director
Camp Nuhop
Perrysville, Ohio

In recreation, camping, and park services, we are often our own best cheerleaders. At Camp Nuhop, the Playnote program emphasizes active and playful audience interaction--which is exactly what this presentation delivers. You will not be sitting in your seat as a passive entertainee, Instead, we'll ignite the playful and energetic capacities of the audience by using YOU as active members of the address.  Through learning opportunities and connection points, we will make your networks stronger and more collaborative. Be sure to dress for comfort and prepare yourself for an active opening session!!

Bonus Activity

Get Your Second Wind

Barry Jolliff
TeamPlay LLC

Stretch your mind and body during an after-lunch activity led by Barry Jolliff, owner of TeamPlay LLC. This voluntary, 45-minute activity will take participants through a whirlwind of different activities beginning with a couple “mixers” followed by a couple recreational dances, and ending with a teambuilding activity. Don’t worry if you don’t want to participate—there will be plenty of room to soak it all in as a spectator! 

Breakout Session #1: 11 a.M.


The Invisible Playground: Master Planning Blommington's Oldest Park

John Jackson
RATIO Architects

This presentation will summarize the issues, concerns, and planning process associated with the Master Plan for Franklin Park in Bloomington Illinois. The project was profiled in the November 2016 issue of Parks & Rec Business. The city’s Open Space Master Plan called for a number of changes to Franklin Park, but when the city began to initiate them, they met significant resistance. The city then initiated a master planning process that the presenter led. The process resulted in consensus on the planned improvements and enabled the city to move forward with implementation of a playground which was central to the conversation. The story of Franklin Park touches on the value of engaging the public in meaningful ways, the benefits of using technology like digital modelling to build consensus, and how best to incorporate new things into old places.

Inclusive Aquatic Spraygrounds

MW Photo.jpg

Mark Williams
Rain Drop Products

In this course, we will identify what makes inclusive play different than ADA compliance. We will review the many ways to maximize sensory experiences through aquatic play, as well as review design considerations to achieve inclusive aquatic play.

Interns: The Next Generation of Parks and Recreation Professionals

J. Scott Myers
Executive Director
Miami County Park District (Troy, OH)

The Miami County Park District started an intern program in 2012 to provide an opportunity for students in the field to gain valuable experience in the profession. It also provided the park district with a valuable labor pool with an interest in doing the special projects the district had not done due to lack of knowledgeable staff needed. It has now expanded into the marketing and environmental education departments. This session will help identify where to recruit interns from, the types of projects that they have completed, and why it would be good for agencies to look into this possibility.


Joseph Wynns.jpg

A Fine Line Between Leading and Managing

Joseph Wynns
Indiana University Executive Development Program

Leadership and management are terms that many use in the same context within organizations, yet they represent different and sometimes exclusive processes. This session will focus on the differences between leadership and management. The resulting confusion oftentimes leads to management-control issues in planning, budgeting, staffing, and monitoring. In fact, most organizations are over-managed and under-led. This session will focus on the impact reach process has on agency efficiency and its people.


Best Practices: Successful Inclusion Of Children With Disabilities

Alayne Kazin
Service Area Coordinator
Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Welcoming individuals with disabilities into programs and services can be quite an undertaking. A positive attitude and an established inclusion processcan make all the difference. It is imperative for organizations and agencies to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act, but sometimes it can be difficult to efficiently provide such services. Establishing an inclusion process at your facility is the first step to ensuring success for the child and the organization.

Co-Presenter: Kristen Clatos Riggins

A Recipe For Camp Leadership Success

Jason Lang
Director of Parks and Recreation
East Goshen Township (West Chester, PA

Successful camp directors wear many hats out in the summer sun. They are asked to be professional, wacky, kind, fun, and direct with children, volunteers, paid staff members, and parents. Did you ever think you were just like an Army general or an artist? The answer is yes to both! Come discuss how summer camp directors apply skills from these seemingly divergent career paths and take away practical tools to use next summer.

Breakout Session #2: 1:45 P.M.

Campgrounds: A Missing Link In Your Park System?

Stephanie Smith
Registered Architect, Park Planner
DOMOKUR Architects

From a single campsite along the Buckeye Trail to seasonal campground neighborhoods--learn how parks are using overnight camping to better serve and attract a greater diversity of visitors, connect to their communities, and foster a love of nature. From group camping, to primitive campsites, to premium RV sites, to cabins, campgrounds can be a launching pad for environmental literacy, celebration, and renewal. We’ll explore the designs, details, and amenities that make those goals possible.

My Business, My Mission Field

Cyndee Gillmore
Cornerstone Retreat and Campground

This presentation will visit ways to boldly share your faith as camp leaders by living the fruits of the spirit. It will provide practical tips and ideas to incorporate how to share your faith on a daily basis with the people God brings your way.

Summer Camp Program Planning

Ashley Hughey
4-H Extension Educator
Ohio State University Extension

Are you planning on running a summer camp in 2018? Come learn the basics of planning and running a summer camp! We will explore camp counselor training topics, camp logistics, and the basic needs for running a successful summer camp. Many summer camps have diverse needs, so we can also share different ideas participants have experienced.

Difficult Conversations: Discussing What Matters Most

Peggy Behm
Events Manager
City of Blue Ash (OH)

A difficult conversation involves interaction with others about an issue that makes you feel vulnerable, evokes strong emotions or commitment to an issue, which causes you to feel uncertain about whether to raise an issue. This session is designed to teach you to identify areas where you might not be successful in conversations, help understand and engage in conflicts more effectively, and provide tools that can used in everyday conversation.

Co-Presenter: Tiphanie Howard

Water: The Extra Dimension Of Play

Michael McGilbra
Sales Executive
Vortex Aquatic Structures International

Play is where it all begins at a very young age; playing with friends, learning to socialize, building physical skills and discovering the world around us. And water adds an extra dimension to that play; it has a universal appeal that transcends generations – and cultures. We’ll discuss how to design a community play space that incorporates a spectrum of water play experiences, truly defining a place, bringing people together and supporting its ongoing evolution.

Breakout Session #3: 3 P.M.

From Typewriter To Twitter: Growing The Dublin Irish Festival From A Tennis Court To 40 Acres

Mary Jo DiSalvo
Event Administrator
City of Dublin (OH)

Festival staff members will discuss all-things Irish, focusing on media, marketing, and sponsorship as they plan for its 30th anniversary in 2017. Their commitment to integrated communications and promotions has created an internationally acclaimed event that has put Dublin, Ohio on the map. Starting from a typewriter in 1988 to the more up-to-the-minute social media outreach, learn how this signature even generates an $8.3-million economic impact to the region.

Co-Presenter: Sara O'Malley

Technology And Innovation: Making the Impossible Possible in Improving Natural-Grass Surfaces

Jerad headshot_1.jpg

Jerad Minnick
Lead Advisor
Natural Grass Advisory Group

The need is great for quality natural grass on athletic fields and activity areas. But perception says existing grass surfaces cannot sustain an increased amount of use. Thankfully, that perception is no longer reality! Technology and innovation provide numerous new solutions for high-use grass surfaces. This workshop will explore the solutions that can be utilized immediately by participants to improve grass surfaces while increasing budget efficiency to do more with less.

So You Want To Build A Sprayground?

Mark Williams
Rain Drop Products

Spraygrounds are becoming an increasingly sought-after amenity in local communities as an affordable recreation option. This session will go through the steps needed and considering factors when planning a sprayground for a community.

Kick Start Your Staff

Barry Jolliff
Teamplay LLC

Giving your staff an opportunity to work and play together before the real work begins helps to build the trust, openness, and teamwork attitudes that are needed to be successful as co-workers. This session will offer activities to demonstrate how working together and opening the gate to communication will benefit your team.

What You Should Expect Of Camp Planners And Architects

Rick_Parker-1 copy.jpg

Rick Parker
Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. 

This session intends to provide the attendees with information supported by examples of camp planning and facilities design processes and camp participation expectations and client expectations of the planners and architects.  The planning and design processes are described at high level to frame the conversation relative to client expectations and desired outcomes.  A portion of the discussion will focus in the importance of engagement of the membership or organization’s community.

Successful Staff Hiring = Successful Camp Experiences


Jennifer Vosters
Recreation Program Coordinator
City of Dublin Parks & Recreation Services
Dublin, Ohio

Hiring the right camp staff is extremely important since great staff members equal happy campers, a fun camp culture, and an overall amazing summer program. In this session, we lead you through the city of Dublin’s preschool/youth program area’s group interview format where we will identify what characteristics we seek to create a healthy, balanced, and successful camp staff for an incredible summer camp season. Through a variety of engaging activities and group discussion, this session will help to apply simple interviewing techniques for programming and staffing in order to create positive camp experiences within your communities that are fun, complete, and appropriately constructed.

Co-presenter Jodi Shealy